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Tue, 3rd November 2015

Vault couture is all about de-cluttering your wardrobe to open up endless space and accessibility if you can’t open your closet without being scared of being crushed by a mountain of jumpers and clothes hangers. Are you struggling for space and efficiency in your wardrobe? Try these easy, no-DIY-required closet space hacks from the experts at VAULT COUTURE wardrobe service to the stars.  

Boost storage space in your wardrobe.

You can probably divide your closet into three zones: the middle (where your rail is), the bottom (where piles of shoes go to die) and the top shelf (if you’re lucky to have one). For easy-to-reach convenience, your most-used items should be on the rail while your least-used ones should be on top. Then help your closet reach its maximum potential with small, life-improving storage tricks: clothes dividers separate the top shelf so you can stack piles of jumpers without worrying they’ll topple into each other. Meanwhile, maximise the floor space in your closet with tiered shelves and stackable Boxes. 

Figure out what you actually wear; store appropriately.

Are you actually going to wear the black floor-length Morticia Adams gown you bought for Halloween? Are you actually going to wear any of your ten billion floral crowns at any time other than a music festival? And now that it’s getting warmer, do you honestly need to keep your fur coat in your wardrobe?  Store special occasion dresses, accessories and cold weather clothes, preferably in boxes on top of your wardrobe or under the bed (you can use bed risers to increase the amount of space).  

 Use Overdoor hooks and shelves.

 These are the upgraded version of command hooks. There are millions of variations – for coats, handbags, even shoes and they can be hung over both closet and room doors. Before you buy, measure the dimensions of your door to make sure they’re compatible with the rail. 

Choose the right hangers for the right clothes.

Fold knitwear, cotton T-shirts, sportswear and jeans – unlike shirts, silks and jackets, these don’t wrinkle as easily. Then, get smart about clothes hangers: look out for space saving hangers and opt for ones that are flocked or non-slip, so your clothes stay where they should. Cascading hooks are genius and can double your wardrobe space.

Get smart about folding clothes.

Folding clothes theoretically saves space in your dresser, but stuff inevitably gets messed up once you go rooting through drawers for a blouse that’s gone walkabout. Fold your clothes and stack vertically rather than horizontally – you’ll be able to see what’s in your drawer at a glance. If you can’t be bothered to fold them, roll clothes up and store them that way.

Mounissa Choudieva is a founder/director of Vault Couture. Headquartered in central London Vault Couture offers a one-of-a kind service.  Your favorite looks, travel bags, and wish lists, all in one place, ready to be seamlessly delivered to you anywhere in the world with a butler-style service. Whether you're a jet-set business traveller looking to take the hassle out of packing for trips or a collector of haut couture looking to keep your collection in pristine condition, Vault Couture offers a tailored solution to your wardrobe needs. 

In partnership with Knightsbridge Village, Vault Couture is delighted to offer all KV residents 20% of a 100 item wardrobe. E-mal: quoting “KV”.

Rating: 9 / 10
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