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KV Book Review - Glorious & Free: The Canadians

Sun, 24th June 2018

Friends who know me well and KV members who might have read my profile page will be aware of my fondness for Canada. Indeed, Toronto is one of my favourite cities in the world. If I didn’t live in London I would most probably choose to make Toronto my home. Why? Canada is a nation fully at ease with itself.  There is neither pretense nor falsification, in this land of astounding natural beauty, but a thriving, forward looking nation with diversity, freedom and good old fashioned decency at its core. In fact I would go as far as to say that if it is coolness you are after the people of modern Toronto, to me, give New Yorkers a run for their money!

Still not convinced? Read Glorious & Free: The Canadians. 

When my friend Rita Field-Marsham told me she was co-writing a book with fellow Canadian, Kim Bozak, to showcase the contemporary face of Canada I definitely wanted to read it and I was certain many of my friends would be intrigued too. This book is essentially a personal homage to Canadians by two people who love her dearly. Forget any stereotypes you may have had in mind previously. Glorious & Free cleverly depicts modern day Canadians through profiling 33 incredible nationals. Meet 23-year old Olympian sprinter Andre De Grasse and dozens like him. In one book. 

The Authors - Rita and Kim

This is a compelling read. A beautifully presented volume of work with stunning photography.  A treat for yourself that would also make great birthday gifts for friends or something enlightening to read with your children. 

A word from Rita and Kim - what does it mean to be “Glorious & Free?”

“Our answer is a portrait of 33 outstanding individuals who are far from the stereotype of the polite and dull Canadian. They are more than just Mounties, “thank yous,” “sorrys,” and hot prime ministers. They are also tattoo artists who have discovered the secret to cheating death. Designers hell-bent on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Super soldiers who take “live vests” off suicide bombers. Freethinkers who refuse to be tamed. They are global-village visionaries, world record setters, ambassadors of the imagination, and conquerors of the Rockies. They are whoever they dream themselves to be.”

Glorious & Free is priced Canadian $49.99.  Available to purchase at Amazon. All profits are donated to PEN Canada in support of its efforts to defend freedom of expression. 

Reviewed by Nana Coles

Rating: 8 / 10
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